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Source Reclaimed Brick & Pavers From The Brickyard Inc.

When a project calls for using reclaimed brick or paving stones, The Brickyard Inc. has the largest stock of reclaimed brick and paving stones in the Milwaukee area. Our inventory usually includes Milwaukee Cream City brick, Chicago Pink brick, Silver Fox brick, reclaimed street pavers, granite cobbles, and more! We can provide materials and ship just about anywhere. You don't have to be in the Milwaukee area. We've shipped our reclaimed bricks as far away as Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Ireland!

Matching a particular brick can sometimes be difficult. Our experienced sales staff is more than happy to assist you in finding a comparable brick to match. We go to great lengths to maintain the integrity of the reclaimed brick materials. Each batch of recycled, historical brick is stored separately based on the location it was recovered from. This way, we can offer these materials each with their own distinct patina—we understand that no two batches are the same.

Historical Brick Veneer for Interior & Exterior Projects

The Brickyard Inc. is equipped to cut & make any recycled historical brick veneer. What this means is we can cut the brick into thinner pieces, allowing it to be installed more like tile, while still maintaining that historical patina and quality you just can't find with a newer material. Adding recycled historical brick veneer to any project will add beauty, history, and value to any property. These veneers can be applied in both exterior and interior applications.

The Brickyard Inc. continues to provide quality and fast service for both homeowners and contractors alike. If you are looking for reclaimed and recycled brick or pavers, please feel free to contact one of our sales associates for a quote via phone @ (414) 481-9600.